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    How much does it cost to post get a ViT on
    The price is $54.95 /month. This includes up to 10 pictures.

    How long does the ViT run on the website?
    The listing remains online for a month, but can come off as soon as it's rented.

    Does it cost extra for to come and take pictures?
    No extra cost! We send a photographer for FREE to the property for a 15 minute photoshoot.

    How long after the photoshoot will it be before my ViT goes online?
    Your vacancy should be online by the end of the next business day.

    Are there ways to increase exposure to my listing when it’s on
    Yes! Options include being a featured vacancy or being shown first to tenants. Click here for more info.

    Can I make a link from a listing to my website?
    Absolutely – in the description of your ViT you can link to your personal website.

    Can I make changes to my ViT once it's online?
    As much as you’d like! Customer service agents answer phone calls and emails 6 days a    week.

    How do I remove my listing from when it's rented?
    Once the property is rented, a quick call or email and we’ll deactivate your ViT    immediately. We will keep everything (both pictures and description) on file for the next    time you need it!

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