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How do I search for a rental apartment?

1. Start by selecting ‘where you want to live’ .. there are two ways to do so:
   (a) select the city from the drop-down on left labeled “Search by City” OR
   (b) click on the map of canada, then a province, and finally the city
2. On the next page, check off your requirements for price, number of bedrooms, and    housing type
3. Lastly, choose how you want the results of your search to be displayed:
   (a) click the “List” button if you want the results displayed in a list format OR
   (b) click the “Map” button if you want the results plotted on a map with pushpins
Results displayed in List
   • a preview of each listing is displayed in a list format, with 5 listings per page
   • the map in the lower section reflects the location of the ViT your mouse is hovering    over
   • click the ‘View it’ link to expand to the full advertisement
   • navigate to other pages using the ‘next page’, ‘previous page’ or page number    drop-down
   • click ‘change search” to make price, bedroom number and housing type changes
   • a ‘map view’ button is in the upper left, which switches to all results shown on a    map
Results displayed on Map
   • each listing’s location is represented on the map with a blue pushpin
   • you can hover over the pin for a preview - click the ‘View it’ link to expand
   • a number shows inside pushpins when there are multiple listings at that location
   • you can drag the map, or use the pan and zoom controls to update the search    location
   • you can make other price, bedroom number and housing type changes in lower left
   • the results are also listed to the left, with a page change and ‘List view’ button    above

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